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Private Dining Experiences

Always ready to specialize any occasion! From intimate 2 guest dinners, large family gatherings, close friends dinner parties, Chef can help create a experience to remember

Customized menus

Menus that are customized around your personalized & desired flavors 


Infused Experiences

See me out, ask me about it 🤫



About my culinary journey 

Since 2015 my main focus has been to bring a level of integrity and enthusiasm to the food scene here in Naples FL. Growing up in an Italian family everything was a party with home cooked feasts. Learning old school techniques and recipes from my grandmother, father, plus other family members, built a strong foundation for the love of food inside of me. Having my dad teach me the grill at a young age gave me sense of responsibility and pride being able to provide steaks and burgers the exact way my father, mother, & brother liked them. (and obviously they were all different)

While I was away at college "studying" for my bachelor's degree in education, I enjoyed a lot of time with fraternity brothers. I was always the grill master and for every event you could find me grilling up meat for the boys. We always had a good time and I even taught a few of my brothers things that my father taught me on the grill. The pressure was always on to deliver quality food to the 50+ squad of hungry dudes. After my graduation in 2015 my brother, father, mother, and myself decided to take it seriously and start our professional hospitality journey.

Focusing on becoming a leading community member since returning home, I continue mentoring young aspiring adults into becoming chefs and working in a positive new world kitchen environment in hopes of passing down the trade. Advising my clients for in-home dining experiences to try to envision a world of flavors to create new dishes. Constantly pushing myself in respecting previous guests' visions, by never recreating the exact same menu idea for new ones. Instead building off of those new ideas acquired with a touch of contemporary visionary designs. Highly experienced in the demand of executing and capturing an unforgettable evening, by treating all parties differently goes by what the client wants and yet still staying true to my creative art.

Chef Larry has touched the lives of countless others with his charming openness by formulating an experience with his guests to create either a themed dining experience, or recreating a little bit of home with the flavors of their cultures and or childhoods. On account of being a father and a hard working family man he understands that people will judge you by your actions, words and style. By taking control of his methodology of cooking and molding to the moment it keeps him balanced and controls the mystery of how he continues to impress and evolve. 


Brothers Peter and Larry Falisi grew up in New York, and their family relocated to Naples in 2005. Both graduated from Palmetto Ridge High School. Peter went on to earn a degree in economics from the University of Florida and Chef Larry headed to Florida Southern College to study physical education. The entrepreneurial brothers converged in Naples and were inspired to share their generations-old Italian family recipes mixed with new age creations. They started Two Guys Hospitality Group in 2015 as a catering company, Two Guys Catering. Today, it also includes Skyline by Two Guys (a private aviation catering company) and the 170-seat, full-service restaurant, The Hangout.


“As a visionary, I am constantly pushing myself to construct unique experiences for our catering clients. My mentality is to create what the client wants and yet still stay true to my creative art by avoiding cookie-cutter events. People will judge by your actions, words and style, so by taking control of my methodology of cooking and molding to the moment it keeps me balanced and controls the mystery of how I am able to consistently impress and evolve.” – Chef Larry Falisi

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Two Guys
Hospitality Group

Redefining food creation

Since 2015 TGHG has created countless memorable experiences for SWFL community members. Through fundraisers and donations, to celebrations of all kinds, Two Guys has helped make once in a life time moments come true 

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